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Which Milestone Should I Choose?

Milestones is not designed to be a one-size-fits-all experience: it’s catered to what you want as an individual!

Choosing your milestones is all about deciding which goals you want to achieve. It’s not designed to be a one-size-fits-all experience: it’s catered to what you want as an individual! That’s why we currently offer four milestones: Retirement, Rainy Day, Custom, and Build Wealth.

If you’re not sure where to begin and this is your first investment account, a Rainy Day Milestone is one place to start. You know those unexpected costs we freak out over? Think last minute flights, buying a new AC unit in the dead of summer, or transitioning through jobs. A Rainy Day Milestone helps you build up enough safety funds to float by. Honestly, life happens. The Rainy Day Milestone ensures that you won’t break a sweat when it does.

Once you have ‘present you’ covered, it’s time to start thinking about ‘future you.’ Retirement may not even be on your radar, but it should be, and a Retirement Milestone helps you build toward your desired future financial lifestyle. Not only that, but retirement accounts like a Roth and SEP-IRA can offer you tax benefits to maximize your returns.

The sooner you start putting money into your Retirement Milestone -> the more potential compound returns you can earn -> the less money you have to save overall to reach your money goal.

How and when you take your retirement is up to you, but everyone’s “start” date should be the same: ASAP!

After you have your Retirement and Rainy Day Milestones set up, you can really start getting creative with your money.


Want to achieve something that isn’t specifically offered with our pre-designed milestones? Using our Custom milestone, you have the ability to invest your way toward just about anything! Think big, like a home, or smaller, like a VR headset. Achieve your goals in one year, or five, ten – you name it. This is the “build-your-own-dish” of milestones. Simply tell us what you want to achieve and we’ll help you get there.

Finally, if you want to be money smart but don’t have a specific goal in mind, check out the Build Wealth. For those of you wary of commitment, you can grow your ca$h without a timeline or specific dollar end game.

Are there specific milestone categories you want to add to your financial plan? Send us an email to let us know – we listen to all client feedback!

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